UCD Future Campus update

By January 18, 2021September 28th, 2023Cost Management|Project Management, Uncategorized|news

Over the next four years, UCD’s main N11 entrance will be redefined by Phase 1 of the university’s Future Campus Project. Future Campus sets out the Masterplan for the development of this part of the campus over the coming decades.  Phase 1 comprises two buildings, the 12,650 m2 Centre for Creativity and the 11,580 m2 Centre for Future Learning, along with extensive infrastructure and landscaping works over an area of approximately 7.5 hectares with a new landmark 8,000 sq m building.

The Centre for Creative Design will include education, research, and outreach facilities. This building along with UCD’s Centre for Learning form part of UCD’s Future Campus phase one program. DLRCC recently granted the Planning Permission, Fire Safety Certificate and Disabled Access Certificate for the two CFL and C4C Buildings.

Read more about the project here.