Project Monitoring

We monitor developments on behalf of funding institutions to ensure that risks are identified and managed. Project Monitoring improves decision making by dealing with issues effectively as they arise.

Banks require pre-conditions to lending before funding of property developments can proceed, in order to safeguard the funds put at risk by the lender. Regular site visits by Scollard Doyle’s Bank Monitoring Team to monitor developments ensure that any issues are dealt with effectively as they arise. Our team members are leading specialists in this area. We have extensive experience of working with leading funder providers.

It is this close collaboration and the personal involvement of our Directors that underlines the success of our process and sets our Bank Development Monitoring service apart.


Development Cost Review
Advice on Compliance
Advice on Risks
Monitor Works and Programme
Evaluate Drawdown Requests

Advice on Cost Control / Timelines
Close-Out report
Review Final Costs
Advice on Certificates

Programme Management

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Project Management

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