Development Management

Development Management is the process of managing the successful implementation of construction projects from inception to completion.

At Scollard Doyle we specialise in Development Management, which involves overseeing the successful implementation of construction projects from start to finish. Our team provides strategic advice during the early stages of a project and delivers comprehensive due diligence reports, ensuring our clients are well-informed throughout the development process.

With our vast experience working with property development companies, we bring valuable insights and problem-solving strategies to the table, helping our clients unlock additional value and achieve the best possible outcome. Our dedicated Cost and Project Management teams serve as your trusted advisors, handling all aspects of the project with the utmost care and attention to detail. By leveraging up-to-date market information and industry expertise, we are able to secure the best results for our clients.


Site selection and evaluation
Due Diligence
Assembly of Design Team
Project planning and feasibility analysis
Design Team management

Cost estimating and budgeting
Procurement advice
Contractor selection and management
Construction scheduling and co-ordination
Project handover

Programme Management

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Project Management

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Advisory Services

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Employers Representative

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Cost Management

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